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About Nissan Latio


Nissan Latio. Originally this car is called as Nissan Tiida for whole markets, some of the country like American, this car is called as Nissan Versa. For Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, this car was called as Nissan Latio. If this car was called as Nissan Tiida in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, may be some people may call this car as “Nissan Tidak”, it may affect the car sales. The voice to read Tiida and Tidak are quite similar. “Tidak” (Malay language words) means no. Therefore, they used Nissan Latio nameplate. For the next generation, Latio nameplate is no longer for Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore markets because the hatchback version (C12) is upgraded to C-Segment hatchback, may be called as Nissan Pulsar and Nissan “Latio” nameplate is a B-Segment sedan as new Nissan Almera N17 in Japan. In addition, Nissan Latio is subcompact cars, not compact cars for previous generation.


Meanwhile the Tiida nameplate is no longer in Japan, since the hatchback version is delayed on sale for Japanese markets due to circumstance, the hatchback Nissan Tiida (C12) will be called as Nissan Pulsar in Japan which nameplate is revised after 13 years. For Malaysia markets, I think the priced Nissan Pulsar Hatchback B17 (New Tiida C12) may be sold at between RM97k-RM125k, depends on its specifications, meanwhile the price of all new Nissan Sentra B17 (Sylphy 2013 B17) may be sold at between RM 87k-RM107k.